The Top 11 Recent Events In The Gun World

A lot of things have been going on in the world of firearms recently. With the new year comes new legislation for a number of states, mine included. So let’s take a moment and check out the top 13 recent events in the gun world that have been making headlines.

#1: The Marines Adopt the PMAG

As, I’ve talked about previously the Marines have decided to adopt the PMAG as their standard magazine to help solve issues chambering the controversial M855A1 round. With the PMAG having proved itself for many years in civilian and LEO rifles it makes sense for the Marines to give the go ahead for their use.

#2: Taurus Embraces The Rainbow

The Taurus Spectrum, image via
The Taurus Spectrum, image via

Taurus recently had one of their 2017 SHOT Show announcements leak with the release of information on the Taurus Spectrum. This little .380 pocket pistol looks set to come in a variety of colors for just about any, or lack of, taste. With some gaudy color schemes that I’d not be comfortable having on my firearm the Taurus Spectrum looks like it’s targeting a wider audience with this particular offering. I just hope that they have less of a “spectrum” when it comes to quality control, and make this a reliable gun out of the box.

#3: Cabot Guns Make A “Big Bang”

Cabot is known for making some of the best 1911’s out there. They treat producing a firearm more like crafting a piece of art than building a tool. However with their new “Big Bang” 1911 Cabot has created not only a mirror set of the most unique and beautiful 1911’s I’ve ever seen they are also the most expensive. Going for $4.5 Million dollars the matching 1911’s are the most expensive firearms ever produced. However given the technical problems and massive amount of work that went into even finding the right meteorite to make these guns with, there will probably never again be anything else like this produced.


#4: Nevada Passes Universal Background Checks But Fails To Read The Fine Print

This year was not exactly a great year for my home state of Nevada. Not only did we get turned blue in the presidential election but we also found ourselves with a terribly written universal background check measure that passed by less than 10,000 votes. However the ballot initiative was so poorly thought out that it ended up killing itself on arrival by ignoring the existing system for background checks in Nevada and mandating that all background checks go straight to the FBI. With the states not able to mandate how federal resources are used and the Nevada Attorney General not terribly interested in resolving this issue, it looks like the initiative is “Unenforceable”.

#5: California Gets Even Worse

California is notorious for their horrifically restrictive firearms laws and with the new year things are getting even worse for California gun owners. From new definitions of “assault weapons” that have no basis in reality, to requiring background checks for all ammunition purchases. It will soon be illegal to not report a stolen firearm, possess a magazine with a capacity over ten rounds, and to not get the state’s permission before building a firearm from an 80% receiver.

#6: Missouri Passes Constitutional Carry

In a move that understands “shall not be infringed”, Constitutional Carry in Missouri passed despite strong opposition from the usual suspects. The law makes it so that anyone legally able to own a firearm is able to carry it concealed without going through the wait times and licensing requirements. Now, if only we could get national reciprocity.

#7: Guns Go High Tech

With technology becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives, it makes sense that eventually it would start getting into the world of firearms. With new training systems such as the iTarget making dry practice even better and over at the Firearms Blog, Eric B recently talked about using an iPad Pro to help him plan out going through an IPSC stage.

#8: Palmetto State Armory Acquires Destructive Device Industries

In a consolidation that I hope means we will be seeing more and better quality made AK’s in the US, PSA’s parent company has acquired DDI as a new subsidiary. It seems that DDI will continue operating as normal and will be collaborating with PSA on their, R&D. Statement from PSA on below.

Columbia, S.C. (January 2, 2017)– In an acquisition that strengthens the USA made AK market, JJE Capital (PSA’s parent company) announced the purchasing of a majority equity interest in the boutique firearms manufacturer and importer Destructive Devices Industries. Palmetto State Armory CEO Jamin McCallum was quoted saying “This move will allow a concentrated effort by both PSA and DDI to continue the growth of the all American made AK-47 and its variants.” David Fillers of DDI will continue with the company as a financial partner as well as in an advisory role, he was quoted saying; “It was time to take DDI to the next level, and the best way I saw to do that was to partner with a proven industry leader.” Both PSA and DDI will remain separate entities, but will partner on R&D and compatibility in all related fields in order to pass on the benefit to the customer. This level of detail will be acquired through a joint venture between the two companies known as the “AK Excellence Center” which will be located in Columbia, SC and will focus on new developments for the iconic firearm. DDI also announced that its focus moving forward will be the US production of quality rifles. DDI will continue to stand behind all imported items that were previously sold, but from this point forward will no longer be a firearms importer. Adam Ruonala, Chief Marketing Officer of Palmetto State Armory said; “This move is a chance for two innovators of the American AK platform to come together, and with that kind of creativity at the helm, there is no telling how far this ship can go!”

 #9: Another Promising Round Fails To Deliver

When I first saw the OATH Shotgun slug I got excited, it looked like a literal show stopper. The wicked looking slugs were being shared all around social media and the buzz was great. I however, wanted to see some ballistics testing before I went out and dumped money on this round. Sadly what we have seen from OATH leaves much to be desired in terms of quality control. If they could get the bugs worked out and reduce the rate of squib loads I’d be happy to give these slugs another chance. Unlike the G2 RIP ammo, this seems like an issue with way too many squib loads, not bad design.

Note from Oleg Volk on the video above:

Certain companies don’t seem to bother with QC at all, resulting in supposedly premium shotgun shells that either don’t work or tie up the gun. The Winchester SX2 has been 100% reliable with all other ammunition, but OATH slugs caused it to fail.

All ammunition used for this test came directly from OATH, and they were advised about 40% squib rate in the previous batch. I was assured that this ammunition would work better. Let’s take a look at how much “better” it works.

Standard procedure for a squib load is to check the bore for obstruction, but we’ve had so many squibs with this load and were able to observe the slug pushed out of the barrel at low velocity by the primer alone, that we didn’t have to worry about it being stuck.

#10: Defensive Gun Use Makes Headlines recently talked about some of the most talked about defensive firearms uses of the past year. With defensive gun uses ranging from defending children to stopping home invasions, this year has had a number of defensive gun uses that have set social media on fire with discussion.

#11: Dispelling Old Myths About WWII

Finally we take a look at a video talking about the old myth of using the “ping” of a M1 Garand clip to trick Nazi soldiers into revealing their positions and why it probably never happened.

Well that’s it for this round-up. What about you? What recent events in the firearms world have you seen that you are excited about or caught your attention. Sound off in the comments below.