The Decision to Carry

Often times I hear that people who carry firearms daily are paranoid. People like you and me are often accused of being afraid of everyone around us and so distrusting of other people that we feel the need to be constantly armed.

How Liberals look at gun owners
How Liberals look at gun owners

No that’s not it at all. For me the ability to defend myself and the people who I care about is a right that I hold dear. Currently the best way for me to protect myself is to be proficient with a firearm. So I do my best to be a responsible and proficient gun owner. It’s not that I don’t trust my neighbor or that I think the world is out to get me. I do understand that if violence or the credible threat of it, is visited upon me and my own I can’t expect a police officer to be there the exact moment someone with a knife or a gun threatens me or my family. So I have a firearm, I train to be proficient and safe with the use of that firearm.

It’s about the¬†unexpected, not fearing everything around us

I started carrying a firearm when I was 21 and could buy a handgun for myself. From that small revolver to semi-auto’s in every major caliber I have carried a firearm almost every day of my life since then. It’s a responsibility while being a right and one that I don’t take for granted. Freedom of movement, association, speech, and self-defence are all things that I see as being inherent to a free individual.

I know that there are many good and kind people in this world, I’m glad to say I am friends with a number of them. However, just like I carry car insurance, a gas can in the trunk, and back up my files, I carry a gun for that one-off chance that I might need it. Not because I expect to need it but because we prepare for the unexpected not the things that we can predict. I can say that I’ve never needed to use a firearm in self-defence and like the vast majority of gun owners and collectors, I’m happy about that.

Now for you guys, why do you carry a firearm and when did you start carrying?