Remembering Pearl Harbor and Gordon “Gordy” Kenneth Herzberg

Gordon 'Gordy' Kenneth Herzberg

Tomorrow marks the 75th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor, an event that not only changed the course of American History but my own family’s history as well. If not for the events of that fateful day my Grandfather might never have gone to war.

I wanted to take a moment today, on what would have been his 100th birthday, to honor him and his sacrifices not for just his country but his family as well. He thankfully was able to return home to his family and go on to be a Father, Grandfather, and Great Grandfather to his family. However many were not able to. His service in the Pacific Theater earned him a Bronze Star for his heroism during his service. Nothing I could write here will ever express the impact of this great man on my life and how his loss has saddened me.

Gordon 'Gordy' Kenneth Herzberg WWII Medals
My Grandfather’s Medals

Grandpa, you were the greatest man I ever knew and your influence has helped guide me through my life. When other children would say that their heroes were rock stars and celebrities I would say you were my hero. Thank you.

Gordon 'Gordy' Kenneth Herzberg
In memorial – Gordon “Gordy” Kenneth Herzberg 12/6/1916 -10/2/2010