‘Miss Sloane’: “Gun Control Thriller” Misses The Mark

Miss Sloane Poster

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When reading the news today I was caught by a headline about a “gun control thriller”. What is that? I asked myself.

Apparently a “gun control thriller” is a genre of movie that nobody wants to watch. Or at least that’s what the most recent box office numbers for Miss Sloane indicate.

Projections estimated that Miss Sloane would pull in an estimated $5 Million during its opening weekend. However the actual box office numbers were far lower, at $1,922,300. To put this number into perspective it means that since 1982 it stands as the 75th worst box office opening ever. Of the worst 200 box office openings, Miss Sloane, did worse than GoBots: Battle of the Rock LordsThe Adventures of Pluto NashMacGruber, and Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace.  

Yet what’s interesting is that this poor audience reception is waved off by reviewers, who seem to want to prop this movie up with a 69% Fresh rating from professional reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes, but audiences have a far more critical opinion of the movie. Giving it an abysmally low 55% rating.

However the gun control lobby loves this film and does not care if it tanks in the box office, potentially losing people money and jobs. For them, the mission is not telling the truth, making money, or entertaining people. The gun control lobby, The Brady Campaign, has one goal in mind, making propaganda and if people lose money in the process that’s something that they are fine with.

Brendan Kelly had this to say on the Brady Campaign’s work with Hollywood to create a “new frontier” in the Brady Campaign’s anti-gun propaganda.

“Miss Sloane marks another chapter in Brady’s partnership with Hollywood to integrate the realities of gun violence into entertainment,” Kelly said. “We’ve consulted on scripts for powerhouse television shows including The Good Wife and Grey’s Anatomy.”

Miss sloane rotten tomatoes
Google also lists it even lower at 27%

They also consider the movie a “success” no matter how badly it performs at the box office. Kelly and the Brady Campaign show that they don’t care about the truth, nor people’s jobs, just the narrative that they want to push. Even integrating their propaganda into a live event with the movie on Facebook.

“While I’m not qualified to forecast how a film will perform, I can tell you that its production alone, with our input, is the success,” he said. “It’s a big step in this trend we’ve seen with the entertainment industry taking on this topic, whichever side of the debate you’re on. It’s furthering the national conversation we should all be having—that’s the success.”

This shows that, if nothing else, the Brady Campaign cares about their anti-gun narrative more than they care about telling the truth. Even if it costs people jobs and money.

With a budget of $13 Million, the movie is highly unlikely to even break even any time soon. But for the Brady Campaign this does not matter, the crew and other low-level workers who could very well lose out the most because of this movie’s failure don’t matter.

So what are your opinions on this movie? Did you go see it? Are you planning to? Sound off in the comments below.