The Handi-Racker and Firearms for the Disabled

Old Man Shooting Musket

A while ago I was watching this video on the Gun Collective’s YouTube Channel and Jon Patton was talking about the Handi-Racker and a few other devices, ostensibly designed to assist people with weak hands rack a firearm more easily.

Now I will freely admit that neither myself nor Jon from The Gun Collective are the intended audience for this device, and Jon says as much in his video. However, Jon is not very enthusiastic these kinds of products. While I don’t see myself using something like this I do think that these devices are necessary for a certain subset of the population and should not be dismissed. Simply because someone lacks the grip strength to easily rack the slide of a handgun does not mean that they cannot safely control or fire the gun, especially with some of the smaller calibers.

Now I will say this, if you are having difficulty with racking a gun, bringing it closer to your body and pushing together with both hands is a far easier way to rack a slide. However, if you have difficulty turning your wrists such a device like the Handi-racker would be useful. Furthermore kids could use this as a stop-gap when the first start shooting at the range until they become more competent with a gun. I don’t think that we should decry these attempts to make the shooting sports more accessible for people who may not be as physically capable as most shooters. I see the Handi-racker and similar tools to be excellent additions for the range and I’m not alone, outdoors giant Cabela’s has become a major distributor of the Handi Racker. If nothing else it could help to save some of the muscles in your arms.

Any kind of innovation in the firearms community is great, be it in weapons design or expanding the number of people who can enjoy shooting. At the end of the day more people enjoying guns, by any means, is better for the shooting sports and the Second Amendment in general.

What are your thoughts on devices like the Handi-racker and others. Do you or someone you know use this or other devices to help you at the range?