The Gun Show Loophole


The so-called gun show loophole is an often cited way for criminals to get their hands on firearms. The reality is that this is simply just not true.

First off all Federally Licensed Firearms sellers who want to sell their wares at a gun show must conduct a background check on all individuals who want to purchase a firearm. Simply because they are at a gun show does not mean that this rule no longer applies. The idea that simply because the venue changes, from storefront to firearms convention, that the rules change as well is absurd. Federal firearms laws don’t change simply because you drive a couple of miles down the road.

Below you can watch Steven Crowder prove that the gun show loophole does not exist when he tries to buy a gun without a background check at a gun show.


Another often cited myth is that you can buy guns online with no background check. Again this is a lie. If you buy a gun from an online dealer you must have a FFL in your state send them the proper paperwork to receive the firearm. Once your local FFL receives the gun you have to pass a background check at the FFL before you can take possession of the gun. What leftists and liberals don’t realize is that we have sensible gun control already, and the measures that they want to push just make things more difficult for law-abiding citizens to have fun and defend themselves.