Great Caliber Debate

varied ammo

I hate what I have come to call the Great Caliber DebateTM because it seems to me that most people run into it with this idea that their favorite caliber is somehow better than any other.

Me when I hear this debate

“9mm is awesome I have 20 rounds on tap”

“The FBI developed .40 S&W so it has to be good”

“No real man shoots anything smaller than a .45”

“.357 is a man stopper”

“I only need one 500 S&W round”

I’m tired of this debate, especially when it comes to handguns. I’m going to lay out the three things that you need to know about yourself, your pistol, and the round you are shooting.

First, does your round pass the FBI standard ballistics test out of the barrel length that you are using?

Second, are you able to shoot your firearm accurately and quickly out to about 15 meters and does your gun function reliably with that ammo you are using?

Third, no handgun, rifle, or shotgun will be able to guarantee a “one shot stop” unless it hits and destroys the brain or spinal column.

For those of you who would like a more in depth look at this topic I have linked to a somewhat long but informative video on firearms wounds and the effectiveness of handguns, rifles, and shotguns in real life.

Dr. Andreas Grabinsky on Gunshot Wounds

WARNING: The video below does contain graphic images of real world gunshot wounds. Viewer discretion is advised.