Full Conceal Inc. Unveils The FC-G17

So a new gun design has been released and it is getting rather mixed reviews.

The Full Conceal FC-G17

Full Conceal Inc. has announced a new “80% Receiver Build” from their website

“Why settle for small magazine capacity, short barrel, short sight radius?  When you go up against bad guys, from crazy mass shooters, terrorists, you need the maximum firepower you can comfortably conceal and carry.  Having the larger pistol means faster follow up shots, higher bullet velocity, and better accuracy.  Own the situation and make each shot count.”

Full Conceal Inc. also states that the FC-G17 is fully compatible with factory Glock parts, does not print like a pistol, and offers “more carry options”. You can see it in operation below.

My Two Cents On This (Warning: Rant)

This has to be the worst idea I’ve ever seen. Not only are you trying to quickly get your gun out of deep concealment but then you have to get your magazine out of the “holster” and flag yourself with the muzzle, then get the magazine into the “magwell”, finally rack the slide (assuming you didn’t carry this in condition 1, or is it 1/2 since there’s no mag?) and get into the fight. Let’s also not forget that this is impossible to safely carry with a round in the chamber. If there is a round you are almost guaranteed to put yourself in a situation where your hand is very close to the front of, or in front of, a loaded firearm.

Furthermore where are you going to carry this? Ankle?

An ankle holster is already painfully slow to draw from unless you’re already on the ground grappling with someone and if you are at that point your gun should have already been out if you really needed it, granted you were not surprised. But even then, the faster your gun is ready the better.

The Full Conceal FC-G17 shown next to a phone.
The Full Conceal FC-G17 shown next to a phone. Image Via Full Conceal.com

Maybe you want to “hide” it somewhere. Ok, well let’s look at that idea. Again you have the exact same problem as with on the body carry. It’s slow, awkward, and just seems like a problem waiting to happen.

Ok I get it we are trying to do something “new”, but I haven’t even touched on my main concern with this which is this. How reliable is the magazine going to be? Look at it, you are replacing the grip with just a magazine. I could easily see this thing jamming non stop because the force of the recoil is twisting the magazine in your hand in just an odd enough way to cause a failure to feed.

This looks like it’s going to cause more problems than it will solve. You want a small deep concealment handgun, go get any of a number of proven, quality sub-compact handguns on the market in both 9mm and .380 ACP.

I call troll. Someone came up with this as a joke and shopped it around to see if some legitimate gun owners would take the bait and say, “hey this looks like a good idea”. Nope, this is a stupid idea, one that if it ever came to market and sold would put people at risk of injury more than if they had just bought a normal firearm that has the same basic design as other firearms that has been tested and proven over 100+ years of research and testing in small arms design.

I’d carry a Taurus Curve before this.

Haven’t I Seen This Before?

The Full Conceal FC-G17 really reminds me of Ideal Conceal's design, but it seems even less practical.
The Full Conceal FC-G17 really reminds me of Ideal Conceal’s design, but it seems even less practical. Image via Ideal Conceal.com

This really reminds me of another deep concealment prototype from a while back. Does anyone else remember the Ideal Conceal? Seems like the same concept. A small and awkward design that I just don’t see any real need for given that we already have plenty of firearms that fulfill the role of deep concealment. I’ve seen people say that this would be good for a truck or bug out bag gun, but again I’m forced back to the same thought. Why is this any better than what we already have?

Ok let’s back up for a moment and try to be fair. If someone wants it I’m not going to stop them, hey maybe I’m wrong and it won’t jam up because you are holding the magazine (I’m not trying to be sarcastic). It is just a prototype, maybe it has merit for certain people and their needs. But, again, I just don’t see how this is any better than what’s already on the market. There are plenty of low profile pocket holsters that conceal the print of a pocket pistol just fine. I’m all for out of the box thinking but it just does not seem like something that has any potential as more than just a mock-up prototype. However one thing does give me pause. Full Conceal Inc. is not taking pre-orders, they are not signing up people to be notified when it is released, instead they are asking for donations.

I would not give any money to someone who has yet to show anything more than a computer model prototype, especially when they could make that prototype for just over the cost of a Glock 17, a hacksaw, and whatever materials they would need for the mag holster. They could 3D print the mag holster in a makerspace like SYN Shop for $50. At least Ideal Conceal has something to show as of November 30th, 2016.

However, again, this is just a prototype and things may change and they will make tweaks and revisions to improve the concept. On their Facebook page Full Conceal has noted that they are working on a “version 2” saying,

“We are still in the process of product release details as we might jump into a ‘version 2’ production with a retractable trigger and trigger guard and skip the ‘version 1’ (which is shown on the website). We are going to debut our new ‘version 2’ at the Las Vegas Shot Show (Jan. 17-20, 2017) and at that time we will have pricing info…etc.”

Ok. Why does a “retractable trigger” sound even worse?

Ok guys, your turn. Love it? Hate It? What are your thoughts on the Full Conceal FC-G17?