Full Conceal Goes Full Potato

The Full Conceal M2 model adds even more problems from the prototype design. Image via FullConceal.com

It’s not all that often that I see a bad idea somehow get worse but here we have it folks. I woke up this morning, checked my various feeds and found this. The Full Conceal version two that Full Conceal was hinting at previously has finally come to light and it’s worse than I thought.

See for yourself. (Video starts at 0:15)

Ok where do I start?

To quickly sum up my points from my previous article on the Full Conceal FC-G17, it looks dangerously slow to get into a useable condition and seems patently unsafe to use with a round in the chamber. The position of the mag “holster” causes someone to sweep themselves with their own gun, and, finally, seems prone to odd malfunctions. However this new model makes things even worse.

Not only have they deleted the trigger guard from the gun, a standard safety feature that has been on firearms for well over 100 years, but they have also managed to introduce an even bigger hole in the frame for dirt and debris to enter into the firearm with. The hole in the frame was added, it appears, to cut down on the length of the magazine sticking out past the muzzle.

Making Things Worse: The Full Conceal M2

The Full Conceal M2 model adds even more problems from the prototype design. Image via FullConceal.com
The Full Conceal M2 model adds even more problems from the prototype design. Image via FullConceal.com

Now this new concept, dubbed the Full Conceal M2, offers all of the disadvantages of the previous designs as well as introduce some all new ones. Upon repeated, flabbergasted viewings, of the video I noticed that the Full Conceal M2 is missing a magazine catch. Where did it go? What’s keeping the magazine in place so that it does not jar out of position and cause a failure to feed? Taking a closer look I noticed a cut out at the rear of the magwell and an accompanying tab on the magazine “holster”. Is that the magazine release? If so then the magazine release is going to be right where you are going to be gripping the firearm. Not only that but a similar style of “butt” magazine catch was used in many early self-loading pistols and it was dropped for a reason. A side mounted magazine release is faster and easier to manipulate under stress.

But the most egregious sin is the trigger on the Full Conceal M2. Folding triggers went the way of the dinosaur for a reason. They introduce a weak spot in a critical component of a defensive firearm and here they somehow managed to make this even less safe. What exactly is preventing the trigger from touching off a round when folding up?

Finally the price. $295 for the frame conversion after you have already purchased a full firearm, or at least a full slide for one, and then another $49 for the specialized magazine. So let’s see, if we were to get just a slide, spring, and barrel for this from a company like Lone Wolf you would be looking at, around $200 for a slide (without sights), $150 for a barrel,  and then $18 for a spring. Grand total for everything, $712. I could buy a brand new G43 for less than that.

The price would be even more if you elected to buy a full gun and then this conversion.

The Cart Before the Horse

Essentially this design puts the cart before the horse and attempts to make a full-sized handgun into something that it was never designed to be, a deep concealment firearm. If you want to make a deep concealment firearm you start with the requirements, small size and rounded edges, and design the firearm from the ground up. However this does the opposite, chopping up a gun, making it less safe, and calling it innovation.

It’s not often that I see a bad idea get worse, but honestly this takes the cake for the dumbest thing I have seen come out of SHOT Show this year and it reminds me of something…

Glock Missing Trigger Guard
You never go full potato

What are your thoughts on this? Sound off in the comments below.

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