Firearms In Hollywood: The Guns of Deadpool

Whisky Tango Firearms recently created this awesome custom Colt 1911 Image via WTFirearms.
Whisky Tango Firearms recently created this awesome custom Colt 1911 Image via WTFirearms.

Deadpool is a fun, over the top movie, with super powered heroes and villains. Little is true to life but that’s the fun of it. It has inspired some great custom firearms and has its own cool guns on display as well. So let’s take a look at some of the great guns used by Deadpool and his foes, in this brilliant action comedy. While each gun on this list could get an article all to itself here we’ll quickly touch on some of the firearms used in Deadpool.

Let’s Make Some Chimichangas: Deadpool’s Guns

Scarring a pizza boy with a
Scarring a pizza boy with a P14.45

Deadpool being an over the top character demands that his ranged weapons of choice be equally over the top. While working as a mercenary his go to sidearm was a Para-Ordnance P14.45. Even this gun is far from standard, being a double stack, 14+1 round, .45 ACP 1911 style gun. Perfect for self-defense and scaring pizza boys.

Deadpool loads his Desert Eagle
Deadpool loads his Desert Eagle, note there are only four rounds in the magazine

After being transformed into the super powered, fourth wall breaking, merc with a mouth, Wade Wilson ditches the P14 for a pair of IWI Desert Eagle Mark XIX’s. It is with these two hand cannons we see a rare moment of movie firearm realism, well mostly. Being chambered in the .50 AE cartridge each of Deadpool’s “Deagles” have a maximum capacity of seven rounds plus one in the magazine. With Deadpool only firing 12 rounds total of the sixteen possible rounds that he could have fired from the guns, with only one fully loaded magazine in each. The movie does take a moment to show us that one of his magazines was only partially loaded. However he fires five rounds from one and seven from the other. Somewhat of an interesting trick as we see only four rounds in the one magazine that he loads into his right hand gun and then racks the slide.

We actually can determine some things about where these guns were made. While they have the barrel integrated picatinny rail, the barrel is not fluted, giving away their .50 AE chambering, and they retain the older style safety despite being current production models. This indicates that these guns were manufactured in Israel and not the US as the US production guns have the “teardrop” style safety.

DeadPool and his "Deagle"
Deadpool and his “Deagle”

Finally each round fired from Deapool’s Desert Eagles has a number stamped into the primer. I wonder how well this would work, not to mention how safe, this would be in real life. I could see pierced primers being an issue with this idea.

Deadpool also uses another, almost equally comical gun during the final showdown with his nemesis Ajax, a Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket with pearl grips. It’s with this gun we have another funny little slip up in the writing. The gun is mentioned to be a .45 however in reality it only fires the much smaller .25 ACP. Typo in the script right guys?

Why is it so small? - DeadPool with a Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket pistol
Why is it so small? – Deadpool with a Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket pistol

Yet these are far from the only guns featured in this movie. During a classic, “gearing up” scene before the final confrontation between Deadpool and Ajax we see a whole slew of guns, including a Smith & Wesson Model 29 with an 8 and 3/8ths inch barrel, a Heckler & Koch UMP45, an IMI Mini Uzi, a Steyr AUG A1, and a Norinco Type 84S-2 among others.

FRANCIS!!!: Ajax’s Guns

Yet not to be out done, Ajax and his henchmen don’t disappoint in their armaments. From standard Glock 17 side arms to the almost cinematically ubiquitous Heckler & Koch MP5K. They bring the now standard firearm fare with some interesting additions as well.

A number of Ajax’s cannon fodder for Deadpool to quickly dispatch carry FN SCAR-L’s equipped with EOTech 552 sights as well as Magpul angled fore grips, an interesting departure from the common AR-15’s we expect to see paramilitary types carrying on-screen. Yet the interesting weapons don’t stop there. Ajax’s mercenaries also carry bullpup IMI Tavor CTAR-21 and IMI Tavor MTAR-21 during the final showdown between Deadpool and his friends and Ajax and his mercenaries. Oddly enough these seem to lack sights. Maybe the budget ran out after buying the almost $2,000 guns. I guess being evil does not pay what it used to.

“Excuse me sir, you forgot your sights”

Another of the not often seen guns that Ajax’s mercenaries carry is the SIG SG 552, another 5.56 rifle that seeks to replace the standard AR-15. While during the first fight with Deadpool on the freeway overpass they used both the FN SCAR’s and SIG SG 552’s. I have to give props to Ajax for standardizing around a single caliber, despite outfitting everyone with different weapons. Parts logistics must be really annoying in his mercenary band.

UTS 15 Gen 2
UTS 15 Gen 2, good for urban environments, bad for killing Deadpool. Image via

Finally in addition to the standard SAW’s and other belt fed machine guns Ajax’s mercenaries also can be seen with the UTAS UTS-15 12 gauge shotgun. What makes this particular shotgun interesting is despite being a pump-action shotgun it sports a bullpup design and two side by side 7 round magazines over the barrel. Being able to select from each magazine tube gives this pump-action shotgun a total capacity of up to 14 rounds. It seems like Ajax’s men seem to favor bullpup firearms during the showdown at the scrapyard, a good choice given the close quarters, urban, environment they are fighting in.

Well that’s it for the Guns of Deadpool. If you want even more movie related firearms goodness you can check out for more of Deadpool’s guns. What’s your favorite gun shown in this movie? What other movies should we talk about the guns from?

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