Do We Need CCW’s?

CCW Holster

With the recent trend towards permit less carry of concealed firearms in a number of states I wanted to ask the question, do we need concealed carry permits?

The basic logic behind most concealed carry classes is that if someone is going to be carrying a firearm for self-defense they should be trained how to use it. Sounds reasonable right? Well, not entirely. While this can vary from state to state, the basic Concealed Carry Weapon course is in essence a safety basics class. It does not cover any substantially different information from what you would get in a firearms owner manual.

The fact of the matter is that a CCW class cannot, in the course of a few hours, impart any more advanced means of using a firearm than reading your firearms owner manual would.

Skill in using a firearm is the result of practice, practice, and more practice. At home dry firing with snap caps, and at the range with live ammo. A civilian with a small amount of dedication and time can train themselves to be as accurate and competent with a firearm as any Law Enforcement Officer on the street.

A CCW class will not fix the real issues, stupid and criminal behavior.

No amount of training can fix someone who is determined not to follow the basics of firearms safety. Nor will any class prevent someone from engaging in criminal behavior.

Should all gun owners practice and seek to be more competent with their firearms? Yes. Will a CCW class fix stupid? No.

I try to take a few minutes out of every day to practice, drawing, reloading, and malfunction drills. These basic fundamentals cannot be honed in a one, two, or even three day class. It takes time and effort to make them into real muscle memory. Even the tactics and skills learned in a more advanced firearms course have to be practiced after the course to retain those skills. The basics of firearms safety need to be practiced as well, and no CCW class will guarantee that someone taking the class will be smarter or safer after.

We need to call CCW classes what they are. A tax on being able to defend yourself by carrying a firearm concealed. This is even more stupid in states where open carry is permitted without a permit. The difference between a crime and not, literally comes down to the position of a piece of cloth.

In short, end the racket that are CCW classes and stop thinking we can train people not to be stupid or criminal. 

What are your thoughts on CCW classes, permit less carry, and firearms training?

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