Concealed Carry On Campus

man with gun

School shootings are not as common as many gun control activists would like to have you believe. Between 1992 to 2011 there were no more than 34 homicides of students aged K to 12th grade in a given year. With 2011 being the lowest with only 11 homicides according to numbers published by the Cato Institute.

These statistics include homicides with things other than guns so despite Obama’s claim that there was “one school shooting per week” is patently false.

So schools do not need to stock up on firearms nor is it entirely necessary to have heavily armed school police. Our education centers are not war zones. So what about university campus carry? Universities are, by and large home to adults, of the age of majority or older going to school. So why exactly do we need to have our Second Amendment rights curtailed or cut off the second that law-abiding adults step onto a place of higher learning for adults?

Contrary to the histrionics by those on the Left, where campus carry is legal and has been legalized, there has not been an explosion of violence and suicides.

alien gear holsterWhat preventing campus carry by law-abiding citizens is, is a backdoor way to curtail the rights of citizens who would, a few blocks over, be able to legally carry their firearms. In fact it makes college campuses less safe. Just ask rape victim and survivor Amanda Collins. Collins was raped and unable to defend herself due to the Nevada State Law that prevents Concealed Permit Carriers from being able to carry their firearms on campus without special written permission by the President of the School.

With so much hype in the media today about campus rape culture why don’t more people want women to be able to defend themselves on campus with the best possible defense?

What is your opinion on carrying concealed firearms on college campuses? Sound off in the comments section below.

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