Do Civilians Need Full Auto Firearms?


One of the various things that “gun control activists” love to harp on is that civilians don’t need full auto firearms. Full auto firearms are dangerous and will let bad people kill more people.

No, not really. Full auto firearms are, in fact difficult to control unless mounted to some kind of stationary object. Hitting anything with any kind of reasonable accuracy is difficult at best with full auto fire. Despite what Hollywood would have you believe, a gun firing in full auto, even with a full magazine would be dry in a fraction of a second.

Soldiers with full auto firearms rarely use them in full auto for that very reason, it burns through ammo fast, and rarely hits the target. Full auto fire, is really, only good for one thing, suppression of an entrenched enemy so that your allies can move to a different position. If a criminal got his hands on a full auto firearm the “shooting” would be over in a matter of seconds, they would expend all of their ammo and then wonder why they just ran out. Truth be told, a competent shooter with a fast finger, a good trigger, and a lot of practice can drive a gun with the same effective speed as if the gun was actually full auto.

At the end of the day, anti-gun lobbyists show how woefully ignorant they are of firearms and their use. What these people are looking for is a way to blame others for the criminality of a small group of people instead of fixing the real problems. As products like the “Gat Crank” and Bump Fire Stocks show us, our gun laws are based on irrational fear and not common sense.