California Seeks To Ban All Magazines Larger Than 10 Rounds

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If there is one thing that constantly makes me nervous its living so close to California and their draconian gun laws. It’s bad enough that my state has now implemented universal background checks, but our neighbor is going way farther to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Lawmakers in California are calling for an “emergency ban” on so-called “large capacity” magazines, that is any magazine that holds more than ten rounds. For people like you and me, who know our way around guns, the days of ten round magazines have long been over, but when it comes to gun control activists, somehow limiting the amount of ammo that a metal box can hold will magically save lives.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, magazine limits don’t matter, they don’t have any real, practical effect on the “lethality” of a firearm. Once again, we see brain-dead politicians who are hoplophobic and don’t know the first thing about firearms attempt to regulate something they don’t understand. It’s like a car mechanic trying to make up regulations for an internet service provider.

At least a mechanic has useable skills, unlike most politicians.

The “emergency ban” was announced a few days ago, on December 15th and could see gun owners either stripped of their “high-capacity” magazines or face becoming a criminal. This comes on the heels of a change to the laws regarding “bullet buttons”. Once again forcing California gun owners to make absurd modifications to their guns and more.

Under the new law, gun owners have six months to dispose of or permanently alter their large-capacity magazines. Pursuant to Penal Code section 32310, subdivision (c), a person who legally possesses a large-capacity magazine shall dispose of that magazine by any of the following means prior to July 1, 2017: (1) remove the large-capacity magazine from the state; (2) sell the large-capacity magazine to a licensed firearms dealer; (3) destroy the large-capacity magazine; or (4) surrender the large-capacity magazine to a law enforcement agency for destruction. 

Yet, it get’s almost comical in nature. The powers that be in California have already created an economic impact report, say that while the cost to “convert” each “high-capacity” magazine is estimated to cost $40 dollars for each magazine and the companies this “emergency action” will affect are 90% small businesses. They don’t believe that the effect on the sales volume will be sufficient enough to affect the creation or elimination of jobs. Maybe because they have just about run every gun store in California out of business.

The NRA reports that time to comment on this is short with only five days from the 21st to make your voice heard. If immediate action is not taken then this bill could pass into California law within 17 days. To my readers in California, I doubt I have to ask you, but please, take action to stop this.

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