Caliber Conditions

Here at Dead Calibers we seek to preserve and honor the history of firearms while documenting the pursuit of ballistic perfection. We classify various calibers in four different conditions based on a number of factors. We hope that our work will help to preserve and bolster the popularity of dying and obscure calibers and provide a place where dead calibers can rest.


These calibers are popular and well-known. They are killing bad guys on a regular basis and are a common round, either for self-defence or used by a national military in the world. Factory ammo and reloading supplies are easy to find. A large number of production firearms are chambered for this round and can be found at an average gun store.


These are still popular calibers, however their popularity has recently declined. Be it from being overshadowed by newer or other rounds, or from major organizations dropping the round in favor of something else. Firearms and ammo are still relatively easy to find but not as common as other rounds listed as “Living”. These rounds will also have comparatively fewer production firearms chambered for them.


These rounds are still available however in limited numbers. Be it because of weak ammo supply, limited exposure, or fewer reloading components available for the round. These calibers may be still popular in certain circles however the shooting public at large has probably never heard of them or has limited knowledge. Firearms chambered in these rounds are only produced as custom orders or from more expensive firearms manufacturers, specializing in competition or custom guns.


These rounds have no factory ammo or reloading components available for them. Firearms chambered for them are older or rare examples that are normally considered collectors items. These rounds are truly dead and even the unfired rounds themselves may be collectors items.

We here at Dead Calibers will admit that these are somewhat subjective and are based primarily on availability in the American market. In other markets around the world a specific caliber might be in better condition.

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