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Anders Herzberg Founder of Dead Calibers
Anders Herzberg Founder of Dead Calibers

Dead Calibers.net was started in 2016 out of a passion for firearms and firearms history. We are documenting the pursuit of ballistic perfection and we seek to keep calibers from falling into obscurity. It is the goal of Dead Calibers.net to spread caliber inclusiveness and celebrate the sport of shooting.

I’m Anders and I head up the team here at Dead Calibers, I have many passions including the arts and computers, however the thing that gets me out of the house the most is my love of firearms. I’ll probably never call myself an expert because there’s always more to learn, however with Dead Calibers I endeavor to bring you accurate information about firearms, cartridges, and bullet design and the history of their development.

Thank you for visiting and supporting our work.

– Anders and the team at Dead Calibers

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If you have any questions, comments, or have information on an obscure caliber that you would like us to write about please email us at contact@deadcalibers.net

Dead Calbiers.net hosts information about firearms, ammo, reloading, and more. We do our best to provide correct and accurate information. However Dead Calibers.net does not assume liability for any use or misuse of the information stored on our website as it is intended for educational purposes only.

As always check your state and local laws pertaining to the use of firearms, ammo, and explosives.

Remember that firearms are tools not toys and to follow the Basic Rules of Firearms Safety.

When reloading always consult an up to date reloading manual and note that smokeless powders and black powders should never be mixed or have their load data changed for that of a different powder.

When modifying a firearm always have the work done by an experienced gunsmith.

Never assume that an older or antique firearm is safe to shoot, have it inspected by a qualified gunsmith before firing any firearm that you are not familiar with.

Remember that older firearms may be worn and were not designed to handle the higher pressures of newer powders.

Never assume that a particular type of ammo is safe to shoot in your gun simply because it will chamber.

Always consult your firearms owner’s manual or the manufacturer to determine what calibers and ammo are safe to shoot in your gun.

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