.300 Uronen Precision

CriticalThe New Kid on the Block

The IPSC is a hotbed of innovation when it comes to firearms technology. Out of this fierce competition for better, faster, and stronger calibers comes a brand new contender, the .300 Uronen Precision.  A top-tier precision caliber with sub MOA accuracy designed to compete in the major power factor, the .300 Uronen Precision is meant to be accurate and hard-hitting while being able to be hand loaded using already available components.

Above from left to right, three versions of 300BLK the parent cartridge of the .300 Uronen Precision, .223 REM, and 7.62×39 (Title image via Wikipedia


.300 Uronen Precision, Blackout’s bigger brother

The .300 UP was the brainchild of the Finnish arms manufacturer, Uronen Precision also known as Ase ja Osa Ky. The impetus for creating the .300 UP caliber was a drive to create a round that was faster and more accurate than the jack of all trades that is the .300 Blackout. While the Blackout is an excellent all around caliber that allows for subsonic and supersonic ammo to be fired out of the same gun, it does not hit as hard as other calibers using the same diameter bullet, so it is unable to compete in the major power factor in the IPSC. The Blackout, while a good all-around round is not as inherently accurate it could be. So Hannu Uronen decided to try to improve upon the .300 Blackout and create the .300 Uronen Precision.

Ok so what’s the real difference?

300UP Accuracy
Target shot with .300UP – Image via Uronen Precision Facebook Page

While Hannu was happy with the properties of the Blackout round he thought that he could create something better and began extensive testing. Utilizing various combinations of powders, barrel lengths, and more, he realized that he could create more accuracy and better on target performance utilizing the same components that he was already working with. The end result was the .300 UP, the same dimensionally as the .300 Blackout, but with a higher max PSI at 4150 Bar, up from the 3700 bar of the Blackout. Hannu also realized that the gas systems utilized in standard Blackout rifles also did little to help the accuracy of the round and moved to a gas system originally developed for the .223 Remington.

The end result of this tinkering was a round best suited for match grade materials and able to deliver .5 MOA groups on a consistent basis. Utilizing bullets such as Nosler Ballistic Tip, Sierra Matchking and Tipped Matchking, Hornady Match and SST, Sako OTM, Hannu found that he was able to consistently deliver this superior accuracy with his new, supersonic optimized, round.

Better yet, because the round was still able to use Blackout components already in production, a hand loader could achieve the same cost as many quality, but less expensive, .223 rounds and still get consistent 1 MOA groups out of a quality rifle. Additionally the .300 Uronen Precision still retains the ability to have its brass formed from standard .223 brass.

The .300 UP is able to deliver higher muzzle velocities out of the same length barrels as the Blackout while still using a 155-160 Grain bullet. However 120 grain bullets can still duplicate the ballistics of the 7.62×39. You can read more about the story of how this round was developed on their Facebook page here

Chambered Firearms

What makes the .300 UP great is that it utilizes the same AR-15 platform that is already so ubiquitous in the US and the world over. Below you can see Hannu Uronen shooting his new caliber out of his custom rifle.

For those of you looking to shoot this new round you can contact them through their website and start the process of buying a match grade rifle from them.

Hand loaders

Hand loaders will find this round easy to recreate with high quality .223 REM and 300 BLK brass as well as match grade and mid-range bullets. Just remember to use high quality brass and to carefully inspect your cases as this round has a much higher PSI than the standard Blackout round. Additionally note that the gas system may also have to be tuned to help with the accuracy as well as previously mentioned.

The next evolution?

Hannu Uronen takes 5th place using his new caliber, information from ipscrating.com

While the folks at Uronen Precision don’t expect this round to overtake the market it does represent a step forward for the .308 caliber AR platform. The standby Blackout round may make more sense for most, but for competition shooters looking to up their game the .300 Uronen Precision makes an attractive option for many. We hate to put this new and exciting caliber in such critical condition, but time will tell if it will catch on, gain steam, and turn into a real contender in the shooting world. We look forward to seeing what the caliber has to offer and what it can do in more shooting matches. Early results look great as Hannu Uronen took 5th place recently in the IPSC Ratings.