The 13 Things We Are Excited To See At SHOT Show 2017

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With SHOT Show 2017 coming up soon there are a number of new products and releases that I’m eager to hear and see more of. While there are literally hundreds of vendors and new products being released we could never cover them all. But, with SHOT Show 2017 in just a few days these are the top 13 things that we are looking forward to seeing from this year’s SHOT Show.

#1 – The Hudson H9 Pistol

I’m a bit biased when it comes to 1911’s. Old school designs that have been proven through decades of use are the kind of firearms that I prefer. So when the Hudson H9 dropped across the news wire I was kind of confused. Why are you sticking a striker system on my 1911? Why do you have a weird trigger safety? How do you expect to make the trigger as good as a higher end 1911? Why a retail price of $1,147 right out the gate? What justifies that cost? Is the H9 just a lot of slick marketing hype? Or will it live up to its potential?


While I have a ton of questions, I’d love to get my hands on one. I’m always excited to see new designs and honestly if they can justify the price tag I’d love to see a forward thinking design like this be met with success. What, in particular has me intrigued is the design of the dust cover and how low the recoil spring is when compared to other designs. If this proves to provide significant decreases in muzzle flip we just might see some innovation in pistol designs that have remained more or less stagnant for a while now. If nothing else, it has the looks to turn heads. You can learn more about this pistol at Hudson’s website.

#2 – Jerry Miculek Shooting for New World Record

SHOT Show 2017 is not just for unveiling new guns and gear, it’s also for trying them out. Apparently the always incredible Jerry Miculek is going to be trying to set yet another world record to add to his already impressive list.

Mr. Miculek is looking to complete his “STL” or Share The Love drill using a Smith & Wesson M&P 15T. Given that he’s already done this drill in less than two seconds it’s hard to imagine just how much faster he could go. However, since he is arguably the fastest shooter alive, if anyone can pull of this record Jerry can and I can’t wait to see it happen.

#3 – Yankee Hill Machine’s New Turbo Suppressor

A can rated at 134 decibels, with a quick detach muzzle brake, and running under $500 bucks MSRP? Well what’s not to like? YHM has a pretty solid reputation for making quality stuff. If this new Turbo can holds up I’d love to get one. Honestly the reason why I’m not in really deep into the suppressor game right now is simple. Cost. The things are expensive. Here’s hoping that the Hearing Protection act passes.

YHM Turbo Spec sheet via
YHM Turbo Spec sheet via

#4 – The Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0

While already leaked, the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 is yet another attempt to eat into Glock’s market share in the polymer framed tactical tupperware market. While I do carry a polymer framed firearm, I have to admit that many of them are just not my cup of tea. I find most of them to be less than ergonomic with Glock 20 and 21 being the worst offenders. I have to admit, for all of it’s faults, the Ruger SR series had the most comfortable grip for my hands. With changes to the ergonomics as well as the trigger and frame, the M&P 2.0 just might end up on my list.

M&P®9 M2.0™ - Image via Smith & Wesson
M&P®9 M2.0™ – Image via Smith & Wesson

#5 – New Geissele Triggers

It looks like some new triggers are going to drop from Geissele. While a new AR-15 trigger is nothing all that groundbreaking the announcement of a Galil Ace trigger piqued my curiosity. The Galil is probably the most readily available “modernized” version of the venerable AK platform and the idea of dropping a new, single stage, trigger into it is music to my ears.

#6 – Caracal’s Enhanced F pistol

I’m a bit of a sucker for firearms that are kind of off the beaten path. When everybody was into modding their AR’s with everything and the kitchen sink, I was just fine with my AK and it’s rather simple set up. I’m a fan of the ergonomics of the Ruger SR series and I don’t mind manual safeties all that much. So when a lesser known name like Caracal says that they are going to start to build guns in the States I start paying attention.

Caracal also has a rather interesting “quick sight” that they offer on not only their previous pistols but the new, American made, Enhanced F Pistol. 

The Enhanced F also marks the return of the Quick-Sight system, which features a rear sight that is machined into the slide and located just in front of the ejection port. The Quick-Sight system places both the front and rear sights on a single focal plane allowing the shooter to acquire a clear sight picture on a target extremely fast. While reduced sight radius increases the need for proper sight alignment at extended distances, the pistol maintains its inherent accuracy standards and is more than capable of accurate fire out to 50 meters.

With some pretty reasonable street prices on their current selections, the Enhanced F might be a good option for anyone looking to get something other than a Glock brand Glock.

#7 – The CZ- P10C

The CZ-75 is able to give the venerable 1911 a run for the most copied design and with the CZ-P10C it looks like CZ is targeting Glock’s market share. If given the choice of a Glock or a CZ, I’ll probably lean more towards the CZ. With early looks at this pistol giving promising results, if CZ can maintain similar levels of reliability and durability they may have another winner on their hands. I’m looking forward to seeing the new models that are expected to be unveiled at SHOT Show 2017 including threaded models for suppressors.

#8 – Chiappa White Rhino

Part of me absolutely hates this particular flavor of revolver from Chiappa. The “cracked eggshell” design looks more at home on a toy than a serious firearm. However Chiappa’s bottom cylinder firing design offers some of the best recoil management on a revolver out there. Could we get a white version without the crackle please? I don’t mind slightly outlandish colors but I think that more “arctic” color patterns could be a nice change of pace from the Flat Dark Earth and OD Green flavors that we seem to see all the time.

Chiappa White Rhino - Image via
Chiappa White Rhino – Image via

#9 – Adler Arms Lever Action Shotguns

There’s something fun about running a lever-action. Don’t ask me why but bolt-action and lever-action guns hold a special place in my heart. Maybe it’s just the old school charm. So when I saw this lever-action shotgun from Adler Arms I got a stupid grin on my face.


Adler Arms Lever Action Shotgun - Image via
Adler Arms Lever Action Shotgun – Image via

#10 – The Colt Cobra

Honestly Colt is not the same company that it used to be, but that does not prevent me from hoping that the new Colt Cobra is a return to form for the company when it comes to its revolvers. While not all of my friends enjoy revolvers like I do, there’s just something nice about a well made wheel gun in the hand.

Colt Cobra - Image via
Colt Cobra – Image via

#11 – Polymer80’s PF940c 80% Frame

While 80% AR-15 and AR-10 lowers are much more common than 80% pistol frames they represent a growing market. Polymer80 is rolling out a new G19 sized 80% frame and I’m excited to see more of these 80% pistol lowers come to the market. Building your own firearm is a great way to not only get what you want from the start but to also become more familiar with the inner workings of your firearms. For those of you who replace everything on your Glocks this might be something to take a look at too.

Polymer 80 G19 Frame - Image via
Polymer 80 G19 Frame – Image via

#12 – Coonan Expands to 9mm and 10mm

While most know Coonan for their .357 Mag, 1911’s they are expanding their offerings to both 9mm and 10mm. With the kind of quality that we’ve seen from Coonan, I suspect that these will be very well made alternatives to the standard calibers. Now if only we could get a .38 Super version.

#13 – Glock 17M

If Glock is going to make any announcements about the new “model” that has been circulating around it’s probably going to be at this year’s SHOT Show. However nothing has been confirmed so if the so-called 17M is going to make an appearance it’s not on the dance card. Even as someone who’s not a Glock fan boy, I’m always interested in what the Haus of Glock is bringing to the market, even if I’m not rushing out to buy one.

What are you looking forward to seeing at SHOT Show 2017? Sound off in the comments below.